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Answered 3w ago Monika Sveet Another great answer, yes is true, not all cross-dressers are gay But on the flip side I have been cross-dressing since I was single digit age, and been bisexual all my life too. What I meant to tell you is that, whether you are a woman interested in a cross-dresser either straight or bi. In this case facebook is the best place, facebook groups range from all kinds and also include women for CD. Those apps and sites what you would get is guys hitting you up because ultimately they are attracted to the female figure, and hello?

If you are a guy then go for those sites, see which one suits you best. Us cross-dressers are not on the regular plane like other people unless we live most of the day cross-dressed and the guy is only for work. Male crossdressers are a very elusive species that, although not uncommon, blend exceptionally well into their environment. You have probably encountered a few members of these species and not even realized it.

These are some challenges you may face when trying to ask one for a date, based on the subspecies of crossdresser you may encounter. Homo sapiens crossdressus externus: The ones who camouflage themselves as women. At times, you may not recognize this subspecies as male crossdressers, as they resemble women either cis or trans.

Success in identifying one of these subspecies can be rewarding, as they have no qualms about going out in public - but that does not mean they are interested in going out on a date with you. Oftentimes, members of this subspecies already have mates and pursuing them further will require a lot of effort.

Homo sapiens crossdressus closetus: The ones that keep their inner woman in the closet. This subspecies is often found on the internet, as cyberspace is the only safe space for their inner woman. They are relatively easier to identify and approach, but may be difficult to ask out on a date. Gently coaxing them out of their closet is difficult, and getting a controlled environment such as a hotel room for a first date may be necessary.

It is imperative that you are careful with these creatures, as they may be naive yet impulsive. Homo sapiens crossdressus internus: The ones that underdress. Like 1, these are difficult to identify, let alone interact with. Members of this species often crossdress under their male clothes, so it is not obvious when you see them. However, they are not likely to be interested on dating you, as their interests in crossdressing are probably fetishic.

Which is also ok. Homo sapiens crossdressus shockus: The ones that crossdress for somewhat unfathomable reasons. Unlike typical crossdressers, members of this species are easily identified - usually in news articles.

To date them, one would need to be ready to also be included in the photos on the front page of the National Enquirer. There are several different types of men who wear clothing normally associated with women. Transgender folks, in this case M-to-F transgender, are merely trying to have their appearance match their preferred gender. There are whole subsets of dating and relationships and encounters with all this. Of the cross-dressing behavior.

Who approve of it or even who assist. With 2 dominant women in the house my mom and older sister made being a female very trendy and popular in my house. I had a lot of feelings about transforming into a woman by dress.

It got to be very erotica and very sexual as well. One on adult forms stating I am a bisexuals crossdrrsser. And two in person from meet up groups where I come clean about myself very early on in dating. And three non adult dating sites where I open up and come clean about my interests and desires. All three work but I found that the non adult sites or meet up clubs work best. The adult sites tend to attract a lot of sex only interests which to me is not the whole entirely of the dating experience.

So my advice is just pursue normal dating avenues and practice opening up about your special interest early on for your best result. You may really strike gold this way and find some great people. More then happy to share more if I can be of any help.

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