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But I am having a problem with his friends and other lifestyle choices. All of his friends are straight, and almost all of them are women. All of my friends have always been gay men, like me, so I find this strange. He makes dinner plans for us with his straight friends almost every week, and I grin and bear it. He does not seem knowledgeable about gay history or culture. For example, he strongly dislikes drag queens and never goes to gay bars.

There is one woman in particular he makes dinner for every Friday night. When he first mentioned this trip, he asked if I would want to spend a week camping. He immediately went forward with planning it with her. He does other weird things, too, like belonging to a strange new-age church, which is definitely at odds with my strongly held anti-religious views.

How can I not let our differences completely destroy the relationship? Differences can actually enhance and help sustain a relationship. But for differences to have that effect, HOMO, both partners have to appreciate each other for their differences. John Gottman of the Gottman Institute a research institution dedicated to studying and strengthening marriages and other interpersonal relationships —who says he can accurately predict divorce in 90 percent of cases—contempt is the leading predictor of divorce.

Contempt, Gottman argues, destroys whatever bonds hold a couple together. Gay parents take part in those conversations, too. But being a gay male correlates more strongly with liking dick than it does with liking drag. This relationship might work if you were capable of appreciating the areas where you two overlap—your shared interests including your shared interest in each other —and content to let him go off and enjoy his friends, his new-age church, and his standing Friday-night dinner date.

My girlfriend has an assortment of mental-health issues—anxiety, depersonalization episodes, depression, paranoia, among others—that make it very stressful and tiring to be with her. Despite my best attempts at getting her to seek help, she refuses to take the plunge.

I do care deeply about her, and the good days are wonderful. But nearly every time we go on a date or have sex, it ends in tears, and I have to endlessly reassure her that I do really want to be with her. Put this relationship on hold—take it back to off-again status—and make getting back together contingent upon her seeking help for her mental-health issues.

By finally seeking help—by actually taking the plunge—she can make it clear that she wants to be with you. I have a very sexy German boyfriend, and he is not circumcised. There is a problem with his otherwise beautiful dick. It smells—sometimes a little, sometimes it really stinks.

After he showers, the smell is still there. He says he uses only water. Is there a better way to wash an uncircumcised penis? Can he use some kind of soap? He needs to wash that thing with motherfucking SOAP. And you should make allowing that otherwise beautiful German dick anywhere near you contingent upon him learning how to clean it properly.

On the Lovecast, A biblical recipe for abortion:

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